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About me

I am an audiovisual artist passionate about digital matte painting, visual effects, concept art, design, video, music, sound, video games and augmented reality.

I graduated in multimedia, advertising, digital music and visual effects for cinema and television. I am currently pursuing my 2nd cycle studies in arts, creation and technologies.


Ghost in the Shell

2016-2017 Ghost in the Shell

Concept Art Exposition

2016 Exposition de Concept Art

Matte Painting Concept Art

2016 Matte Painting Concept Art

Totem of Rebirth

2016 Totem de la renaissance

House Markov Symbol

2016 House Markov Symbol

Teleportation FX & Matte Painting

2016 Teleportation FX

Forest - 3D Matte Painting

2016 Forest - Matte Painting 3D

Ancien hôpital psychiatrique

2016 Ancien hôpital psychiatrique

Dérapage 16 with Obed José

2016 Populis Sakarine

Shigatze - Matte Painting 2.5D

2016 Monastère tibétain - Matte Painting 2.5D


2015 #Ps25Under25

Video #tranchedevie

2015 video tranchedevie clublaboom

Galaxies d'Eau - Visual Music

2015 Galaxies d'Eau

La Galerie - Audio direction

2015 La Galerie

Particles - Visual music

2015 Particles

Peaceful - Visual music

2015 Peaceful

Photographing Beauty

2014-2015 Photographing Beauty

Branding of SOI - Le salon zen

2014-2015 SOI - Le salon zen

Miroir - Vidéomusique

2014 Miroir

A series of logos

2012-2013 A series of logos

Kinetic Typography - TSOP

2011-2012 This is an image of my kinetic typography for The Soul Of the Party!

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